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VNC Enterprise Edition E4.5 Released

Stolen faithfully from the news section on the RealVNC website.. VNC Enterprise Edition Version 4.5 Released Tuesday May 12th, 2009 RealVNC is pleased to announce the release of Version 4.5 of VNC Enterprise Edition. Customers with support and maintenance cover are eligible for a free upgrade. This release, for Windows, Unix and Mac OS X platforms, includes the following major new features and enhancements: Printing – print files to the default printer attached to the …

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VNC Listening Viewer Buffer Overflow exploit patched

A potential security exploit in VNC Free Edition 4.1.2 / VNC Enterprise edition E4.4.2 has been patched¹, it  was caught early on, and to date there have been no known attacks. The bug only affected the VNC listening viewer (a component of VNC Viewer), which can be used to essentially perform a reverse connection. The VNC Listening Viewer is “connected” to the VNC Server, instead of the “connecting to” it. This is particular useful in …

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