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Mac sluggish after Yosemite upgrade, WindowServer process hogging lots of CPU. Suspected memory leak.

The Problem After upgrading from OSX Mavericks to Yosemite, at various points I noticed that my Mac became almost unusable, very sluggish – slow window loading, mouse movements were jerky etc. Loading Activity Monitor, I could see that one of the core OSX services “WindowServer” was constantly hogging 20-40% CPU. Individual Solution Using a little Google-Fu I stumbled across the following article¬†on the Apple support forums. Essentially you should try (a) fixing your disk permissions …

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Macbook iSight camera stopped working, quick fix.

My Macbook’s iSight camera randomly stopped working today, having worked fine ever since i’ve had it. I originally found the problem with photo booth, and went searching for a resolution. After reading numerous posts about potential fixes, I found out that you should try the following (in order of severity); 1) Double check that it isn’t limited to Photo Booth (try iChat, and check if you can take a new user picture from the Accounts …

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“Fix” Mouse acceleration on MacOS X

I’ve been using Macs on and off for a couple of years now but since using a MacBook on a daily basis i’ve been constantly frustrated by the poor mouse acceleration that OS X uses. On top of that, there’s no way to change the mouse acceleration! Having done a quick search I can see that this frustrates alot of other people, many cite SteerMouse as partially improving the problem, it allows you to modify …

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