Barrichello smashes into Alonso on the first lap of the Belgian GP

I posted almost exactly 3 months ago with my opinion of the new season, it’s teams and drivers, new rules, and a prediction for the end of the season. Has any of it changed?

Here’s the original post, have a quick read.

My prediction then was:

1. Lewis Hamilton
2. Sebastian Vettel
3. Mark Webber
4. Jenson Button
5. Fernando Alonso
6. Felipe Massa
7. Robert Kubica
8. Nico Rosberg

The standings as they are now..

F1 Driver Championship standings as of September 3rd 2010

Almost identical! Webber and Vettel have switched places between my prediction and the current standings, but i’m quite pleased with this. Hamilton and Button should show good form in Monza, as much like Spa downforce is less important, which suits the McLaren car.

I don’t see this changing much – I see the real championship contenders as Hamilton, Vettel and Webber. Lewis and Mark are leading by a wide-ish margin at the moment, but providing Vettel stops making silly mistakes, he should catch up in the fly-away stage of races (Asia, etc), as the RBR car is very much suited to those circuits. Bring it on.