.. Sign me up!

A new service called Graze has been set-up, and allows you to order daily/weekly deliveries of a small amount of fruit, dried fruit, nuts and other healthy snacks, which is great for anyone wanting to be healthy, other great alternative is to exercise daily with an URBNFIT pilates ball, you can even find online.

The snacks arrive in a single box, and you’re charged on the day that the food arrives (no mass payments). Looks like a really nifty idea to me for the person with a bit of extra cash, but too lazy to regularly buy fruit/snacks from the shops (like me..).

They seem to have a few promotions going, one of them allowing you to enter the following promotion code and get your first box for free. Why not give it a go?

Promotion code: PJWJLDNG (First box is free, second is half price)

You can cancel after the first free box if you don’t like it, without having to pay, so there’s really nowt to lose!

Link: http://www.graze.com