Monthly Archives: February 2009

Happy Pancake Day!

Happy Pancake Day, Shrove Tuesday, Mardi Gras or whatever else you may be celebrating!

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A picture a day..

For a year. I’ve seen people doing this for a while and really liked the concept, and told myself i’d do it for ages, until I finally got around to starting: It’s pretty interesting looking at other peoples sets (I joined the flickr group “project 365” where a whole load of people are doing it), different people have such varied skills and subject matter. Places, people, objects.. I seem to be all about the …

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How to prevent/enable directory listing with .htaccess

If a directory on your website doesn’t have an index page, then by default it’ll present the user with a directory listing. This isn’t usually a good thing, especially if it’s an image directory. You can prevent this from happening by modifying your .htaccess file (or creating it if you don’t have one). Open your .htaccess file in notepad (or create one) and put: IndexIgnore * The * is a wildcard that matches everything, so …

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