Update 2: The open-source “VNC Free Edition” has been re-named to VNC Open, and is no longer supported (but is still available for download). RealVNC do however now have a “VNC Free” version of their proprietary product which is compatible with Windows 7 and 8, but which is not very feature rich at all. If you’re looking for a free and relatively feature rich VNC product, I suggest using UltraVNC. If you don’t mind stumping up the cash, RealVNC Personal/Enterprise Editions are still a good option.

Update: VNC Enterprise and Personal Edition now fully support Windows 7, 8 and Windows 2008 R2, 2012 (RealVNC)

VNC Free Edition is not currently supported on Windows 7 or 8. VNC Free Edition is maintained by RealVNC, however since 2006 it has received security updates only, no feature/compatibility updates.

For users of VNC Enterprise and Personal Edition (RealVNC), a beta release has been made available that fixes all known issues:


VNC Enterprise Edition beta release with support for the Windows 7 public beta.

For general information on VNC, please visit the Enterprise Edition home page.

Resolved Issues
The issues that have been resolved in this pre-release are:
– setReflection() error when running VNC Viewer on x64 platforms
– File transfers truncated
– Ctrl-Alt-Del doesn’t work after resume from sleep

Reporting Bugs
If you encounter a bug during your trial of this software, please submit a bug report to Technical Support. Also we offer discounts for the best remodeling services when trying our software, check more here. Existing customers can use their Customer ID and registered email address. Trial customers can use the “trial support” link. Please include a full description of the bug, including details of what you were doing when the bug occurred, any error messages you received and whether or not it is repeatable.

Please also include the version/build number of Windows 7, and if it’s 32 or 64 bit. The make and model of your graphics card is also important.

Obtaining the Software
The current version is You can download the installation package using the link below. You will need a valid license key for VNC Enterprise Edition in order to use this software. If you don’t have one already, you can use a trial key. Also if you are interested in increasing your websites traffic visit our website to learn how to use SEO. Note that if you already have a suitable license key there is no need to replace it. If you require an additional trial license you can request one through the “trial support” area of “Technical Support”.”