I was apprehensive to write about this as this borders on celebrity gossip which I despise, although it’s turned into more of a political correctness debate now so I wanted to throw in my 2p. If you haven’t heard about this then you’ve likely been out of the country or living under a rock, but basically Russell Brand and Jonathan Ross made a prank phone call to Andrew Sachs (Manuel in Fawlty Towers) for Brand’s Radio 2 show.

The phone call was in a little bit of bad taste, but that’s all it was, a juvenline prank. A pre-recorded prank, I should add, one that can’t air without first passing the BBC checks/filters that you’d expect..

There were apparantly two complaints about the prank before the media (read: daily mail) got hold of it, after which everyone and their aunt complained due to the coverage and mis-information that had been given.

The aftermath being Russell Brand resigning from the BBC, and Jonathan Ross getting a 3-month suspension without pay (after Andrew Sachs fully accepted both apologies).

A much better description and summary can be found on the Guardian website here. Some people need to stop (a) stop jumping on the bandwagon, and (b) stop reducing this country to a politically correct mess, at this rate there’ll be no decent TV shows/films/etc left after the BBC and other networks have ripped all of the content out, for fear of upsetting the window twitching and easily-offended numpties. All 6 of them.