Make tea, Not war. I was talking to my girlfriend last night and she suggested how the phrase ‘Make tea, Not war’ pretty much sums us up. I’d much rather we all had tea than war, if honest. She decided she wanted it on a t-shirt and googled on the off-chance that someone had already done it, and they had on Etsy.

Incidentally the shirt seems to be sold out on Etsy since I bought one last night. I wrote a comment when I paid via paypal asking for the correct size and if it wasn’t in stock to be refunded, he responded this morning saying that it was in stock and he’d sent it out. I just e-mailed them back because they probably still have stock, and it’s just Etsy that thinks they don’t!

There’s also a whole load of other ‘Make tea, Not War’ stuff on Etsy, check it out here.