… & Good Riddance.

So says William Grim, Iconoclast Contributing Editor. What a hateful, repulsive and extremely ironic rhetoric.

“You`ve undoubtedly heard by now that a demented fan last week killed heavy metal guitarist Dimebag Abbott at the Alrosa Villa in Columbus, Ohio. While I am extremely happy to hear that the assassin was shot to death by a brave Columbus policeman and I in no way want to engage in a blaming the victim scenario, I cannot deny that there much in Mr. Abbott`s demise of one being hoisted on one`s petard. The squalor, inhumanity, filth (both in the metaphorical and hygienic senses), depravity, ugliness and ignorance of everything that heavy metal represents (Like rap, I cannot use the noble term music in a description of heavy metal) creates a mindset among its devotees in which Mr. Abbott`s assassination was an event that was all but waiting to happen.”

Not even a week after the tragic murder of Dimebag, and Grim decides to use it as an excuse to unleash a tirade of poisonous prejudice, backed by elitist views and ignorant, uninformed judgements of the ‘squalid’ and ‘inhumane’ creature that is the heavy metal fan (Rap too, apparently). Grim uses antequated language to suggest that Dimebag was deserving of his brutal murder, due to his profession and his hygeine. He goes as far as to state that the event was “all but waiting to happen”. I get the distinct feeling that he is suggesting all entertainers (read: disagreeable to William Grim) deserve to die for their beliefs, interests, chosen profession and personal hygeine.

“Part of the hard work of civilization is teaching young to be able to distinguish between the good and the bad in all aspects of life. If we teach our young children to obey the 10 Commandments and to obey the laws of the land, but don`t teach them to realize that Johann Sebastian Bach is superior to Dimebag Abbott, we have failed as parents and mentors. If a person has gone through 12 or 13 years of education and has not developed an appreciation for the greatest artistic achievements of mankind, that education has been an utter failure.”

This article is a perfect example of ignorance that author was attempting to describe. I’ll also point out a quote I stole unashamedly from a comment on this very article, on another website; J.S. Bach was reportedly ‘short tempered and quarrelsome’. Darrell Lance Abbott was generous and friendly. Does this mean Bach was superior to Abott because of superior ‘artistic’ ability?

Art is subjective, and no man should be put on a pedestal solely for his musical ability. Does a repulsive individual, deserve such reverence as being offered here by Grim, if they excel in a particular area? No.

I’m not saying that Bach was a bad person, nor am I trying to deduct anything from his obvious skill as a composer and writer.

William Grim is a pretentious imbecile, who I suspect, was looking to anger the sort of people that he so describes in his “article” (I question the use of the word article, because it is little more than a prejudice rant), therefore proving his point. The problem is that these people, this minority, do not represent anyone. They do not represent the majority of Metal, or Rock fans. They do not represent what Dimebag stood for, and they do not represent me.

You can read William Grim’s full article here